The British Film Institute and The Telegraph

My study trip for my UK Media in a Globalized World class involved a trip back to London.  We had two stops: the first at the British Film Institute and the second at The Telegraph.

At the BFI we had the opportunity to explore the online archives, where I found some fascinating older documentaries.  While definitely not politically correct, the documentaries provided a great deal of insight into the perspectives of the times, as the interviewees were quite open with their opinions and views.

Our second stop was at The Telegraph, a major English newspaper company.  Our tour guide was an older gentleman who had been in the business for over fifty years.  His enthusiasm for his job and the business of the newspaper was inspiring.  He explained to us that his heart pounds every day as he comes into work, just thinking about putting out the evening editions of the newspaper.  It was wonderful to see someone so passionate about their work.

Overall the outing was a great way to highlight British media, both through film and print.

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