Bizarre Bath Comedy Walk

Jennifer, Maddie, and myself decided to take advantage of a warm spring evening for some comedy centered around the city of Bath.  We met our guide outside the Huntsman.  He was a hilarious jokester with a penchant for improv.  One of the first stunts he did was take us to the “red light district of Bath”, where he claimed to be able to sense lay lines.  To prove his point he had a member of our group blindfold him, and he began his quest for a lay line.  Thus I think we may have shocked a poor taxi driver who was innocently minding his own business when a blindfolded man dressed entirely in purple stumbled past, followed by a large group of earnest tourists.  Right after this stunt a bizarre biker flew past, wearing a bag on his head.  Our guide quickly quipped that he must be off to find the Stonehenge lay lines.

The next big stunt involved a stuffed bunny named Stu, who was an escape artist following in the footsteps of Houdini.  The poor creature was bound and weighted before being tossed in the river, but miraculously emerged unscathed.

After creating a balloon animal (not without recreating the music from Psycho) that rather resembled a “dog from Chernobyl” we made our way to Bath Abbey.  For his next stunt her borrowed a lady’s wedding ring to tie to a balloon.  Alas, it slipped from his grasp and began to peacefully meander over the abbey.  Lost forever, surely.  Well not quite.  Who should emerge to save the day?  None other than Stu the stuffed bunny, who rolled in on a little motorized car accompanied by the ring.

We next made our way to a little area with the world’s “largest bonsai tree” and wooden stocks.  Jennifer was selected to help with a demonstration, and was promptly placed in said stocks.  Our guide then produced a large saw and a bucket, presumably to catch poor Jennifer’s head.  Luckily the only thing harmed by his saw were some carrots.  I have photograph evidence of this event, but I’ve been sworn not to release them on the internet, lest we have to revisit the stocks…

I don’t know who took the time to wander around Bath and find little funny anecdotes and structures around the city, but it certainly makes for an amusing evening.

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