The Spring Break Crew Goes to Bristol

It was wonderful to meet Renee over Spring Break, and we were fortunate enough that she was also based in the UK for the semester.  So we were determined to meet up at least once more before we parted countries.  Renee decided to spend the weekend in Bristol, a port city 15 minutes away from Bath by train, allowing Becca, Maddie, and myself to meet up with her for a fun last daytrip.

Having been planning this excursion for a while, I had taken the opportunity to consult with Andrew about places to see in Bristol (he has never led me astray).  He naturally recommended some churches and suggested a route to the port, which was very helpful in giving us a bit of direction for our excursion.

So our first stop was St. Mary’s, a beautiful church just minutes away from the train station.

From there we found some stands selling all sorts of wares, and we simply had to sample some desserts.  We then made our way to the Cathedral, an incredible towering structure.  Its tolling bells were an interesting contrast to the Ed Sheeran music playing nearby.

Renee suggested we make our way to a tower that provided far-reaching views of Bristol.  At the top were metal plates indicating various international cities, including nearby Bath!

Renee than suggested a scenic route taking us past some colorful graffiti, harkening back to our spring break days of following Renne’s guidance.  We eventually reached the famous Bristol suspension bridge.

Nearby was a natural slide of smooth stone.  I think it’s primarily used by children, but we had a fun time sliding down too.

After getting some food (I tried my first Scotch egg), we took some time to simply sit in a nearby park and chat, introducing Renee to the concept to Greek life in the States.

Eventually we continued on our way, carving a path to the docks and the water.

We ended our time with more chatting and Maddie introducing us to what is now my favorite New Zealand cider, Old Mout.  It was wonderful to see Renee again, and it was the perfect last hurrah in the UK for our spring break crew.

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