Jane Austen Dancing: Take Seven (Fin)

Jane Austen dancing has been one of the best experiences of study abroad, so we were incredibly thankful to get to have one last session during our last week.  My favorite dance that was introduced this time involved weaving underneath arches that other dancers would form with their arms and skipping about to a fun fast beat.  The organizers were very gracious and played some of our favorite dances, including the  Duke of Kent’s waltz (the sophisticated and slow dance), the Ship’s Cook sea shanty (weaving around in a circle, and featuring the creative and fun male sea shanty arms!), and the College Hornpipe (aka the stomping dance!).

It was somewhat bittersweet to dance our last dance (and tiring) but we had such a lovely time this semester.  Bea organized a thank you note signed by the regular dancers from our programme, thanking the Jane Austen dancers for welcoming us and putting up with our giant learning curve, which we presented at the halfway point break.

It was a fitting end to a great experience.  Jane Austen dancing will always be some of my fondest memories from study abroad.

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