Bath Skyline Walk and Sham Castle

Maddie has become the resident expert of the Bath Skyline Walk.  She’s visited the trail over a dozen times, and was thankfully kind enough to act as my guide for my first excursion on the trail.  This was especially useful since the entrance can be a bit tricky to find.  She took me up to her favorite tree, where you can easily perch and see a gorgeous view of Bath laid out below you.

From there she showed me how to find Sham Castle, a famous landmark in Bath.  The structure is a facade of a castle, seemingly created purely for aesthetic reasons.  While certainly an oddity, it was beautiful to see the evening light fading on Bath from underneath it’s arch.

We ended our time with a stroll through a field back to the city.  It was a lovely time that blended the best that the city and the surrounding nature has to offer.

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