A Night of Poetry, Magic, and Music

I met up with Maddie, Emily, and Kinaya to walk to the St. James Wine Vaults for a unique evening.  We’ve attended many events during our time in Bath, but not many put young people front and center, and it turned out that this would be an excellent opportunity to experience British youth culture.

Of course, we didn’t know that going into the night.  We weren’t sure what to expect from an event entitled Garbage, Gay, Vaginas, and Magic.  But as it turned out, it seemed to be a night showcasing creativity, largely from Bath Spa University students.

Our MC for the night was Garbage Girl, face decorated with glitter.  She introduced the first segment, which was poetry.  Some of it dripped with the angst that has come to be associated with the millennial generation.  But through it all was a sharing of experiences through the beauty of words.

The second segment was a magic show.  Due to the large number of people, our magician for the night chose a central location to perform his act, which just happened to be in front of our table!  He performed many card tricks with a smattering of coin magic thrown in, often choosing audience members such as Maddie and Emily to participate.  I used to dabble in magic myself, so I could occasionally see some of the mechanics of what he was doing, but it didn’t detract from the fun experience.

The last segment was music.  Our first performer was YONIC, who performed various hilarious and yet poignantly truthful feminist songs.  To give you a taste, an ode to armpit hair was her opening number.  And our last act for the night was Garbage Girl herself, who performed some raw personal pieces.

The event was a great opportunity to relax and hang out with British people our own age, and take in their various crafts.


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