Jane Austen Dancing: Take Five

My fifth Jane Austen dancing session was unique in that the event was divided into two parts.  The first half was dedicated to a costume workshop and demonstration, followed by the normal practice in the second half.

Jane Austen enthusiasts showed off all sorts of needlework and costuming, before beginning a wonderfully entertaining skit.  The costumes were amazing, and the skit itself did a great job imitating posh socializing of the time.  But perhaps the biggest highlight was Martin (one of the most photographed men in Bath for his reenactment work at the Jane Austen Centre) acting as the announcer for the arrival of the “guests” in the skit.  His booming voice was hilarious.

The regular practice was excellent as well.  As we only had half a section, we took no breaks.  And because most of the participants were regulars, more vigorous and difficult dances were used.  I was most definitely sweating by the end.  But we had the chance to perform two of my favorite dances: the sea shanty and the one with stomping (and I learned that the proper name for this latter dance is the College Hornpipe)!  It was another excellent session of Jane Austen dancing.

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