Bath World Heritage Day

Bath has a fascinating history connected to the Roman Empire, perhaps best represented by the Roman Baths themselves.  So the main highlight of Bath World Heritage Day was to demonstrate what this history would have looked like in context.

At the Royal Crescent, replica Roman military camps had been set up.  And where military supplies are, troops can’t be far behind…

Beyond were said Roman troops, who proceeded to demonstrate various aspects of their history, first showing off their uniforms and weapons before beginning some exercises.  One of the first was a series of javelin throws.

Several military formations were demonstrated, including the famously effective tortoise.

Then various long-range weapons were used, including bows, catapults, and ballistas.

The event ended by the dispersal of the troops, allowing us viewers to see them and their uniforms up close.

It was a fun opportunity to step back in time and learn more about the unique history of Bath in a visual fashion.

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