A Spring Break Reunion to Wells and Glastonbury

Becca, Maddie, and myself banded together for a day trip, initially planning for an exploration of Glastonbury, which Maddie had visited before on a study trip.  After consulting with Andrew, our wonderful internship advisor, we decided to also stop by Wells.  Day passes in hand, we boarded our bus in a similar fashion to our spring break bus tour.

After arriving in Wells, we briefly perused a local outdoor Saturday market before heading to the Bishop’s Palace.  Bounded by a wall and moat, the place was oddly similar to a castle.  From there we made our way to Wells cathedral, decorated with numerous carvings of religious figures.

We’ve visited many churches during our time in England, and have begun to notice all sorts of common design patterns.  But this cathedral was truly unique in its architecture, which featured incredible scissor arches.  While beautiful, the structure is very practical, as apparently it was created to prevent the building from sinking into the ground.

After viewing a clock that featured jousting, we walked up some wonky stairs (worn by untold numbers of footsteps) to an echoey meeting chamber.

We ended our cathedral exploration with a trip to the library, where an older gentleman excitedly showed us some of the features of the collection, including a section of chained books that resembled the Forbidden Section of Hogwarts.

As we left we stopped by the market to grab some snackage.  I picked up a Dorset Lardy Cake, which is every bit as unhealthy and delicious as you might imagine.  From there we made our way to the city of Glastonbury.  Our first matter of business was to make our way to Glastonbury Tor, a huge hill with a tower associated with King Arthur’s legend.  Unfortunately we got a bit lost, as Google maps apparently took us to a tor street rather than the actual tor.  Thus we got to see a hidden side of Glastonbury, which includes an industrial portion of town, and yaks.

After our warm up, we oriented ourselves properly to head to the Tor, which included a brief stop by a candlelit reservoir, apparently some form of spiritual gathering place.  After seeing some more livestock in the form of sheep (and lambs!) we eventually reached the hill and began our ascent.

The view was incredible, and we took a moment to simply sit at the top and admire our surroundings.

We then visited the Chalice Well, connected to all sorts of mythology.  This was a recurring theme of our visit to Glastonbury, as we saw so many sights connected to spirituality.  At some points walking around the town I felt like I had stepped back into the 70’s.  It was a whole different cultural experience.

We ended our stay by grabbing a pint of local cider by the 15th century George and Pilgrim pub, which Maddie visited on her study trip.  In fact, one gentleman recognized her!

We then began our bus ride back, having had another great day of exploring with the original spring break team.


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