Scottish Dancing in a Local Pub

The pub scene in Bath is very much my kind of evening out.  You can casually try different drinks, sample good food, and chat with your friends.  Prices help keep you in moderation, and you can focus on enjoying the laid back atmosphere.  There are also some excellent deals to take advantage of.  This past week, the Canon offered pancakes for 25p each (in connection with International Pancake Day), which we decided to give it a try.

In addition to some pancakes, we decided to sample a tray 3 sharer, which was filled with enough junk food to satiate my housemates and I.  It was fairly reasonably priced too, with each of us essentially chipping in four pounds.  While nothing on the tray particularly stood out, everything was decent, especially with the price in mind.


While eating our food and bantering back and forth, we noticed a few men dressed in kilts.  Over the course of the hour, more and more began to trickle in.  We eventually learned that a dance or lesson would begin soon, and sure enough, exciting Scottish music began shortly thereafter, culminating in a grand entrance by a bagpipe.

The great thing about being based in Bath for such a long period of time is being able to stumble upon these small local experiences that are so characteristically British, and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

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