The Roman Baths

ASE offered an amazing deal to visit the Roman Baths (usually around 16 pounds) for only 5 pounds on Monday afternoon.

We were given an audio tour which provided a wealth of supplemental information about the site and its history.  The actual water of the baths is rather stagnant and green now (and definitely not a place to bathe anymore) but beautiful in the evening lighting.  In addition to the main waters on display, there was a very thorough and detailed museum that was fascinating as well.  I was particularly interested in learning about the “curses” recovered from the site, where visitors would wish misfortune upon those who had wronged them.  These people were intense.

The design and stability demonstrated throughout our visit was also remarkable.  It’s amazing to think how portions of these structures have survived for thousands of years.

The visit was also an opportunity to reflect on the numerous people who lived and died at this location.  Various graves and relics from the site inhabitants were present.  We often have a tendency to forget the emotion and humanity of the past.  The visit was in some ways a humble reminder of our connection to history, and I’m glad I had the chance to experience it.

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