Hiking to Bristol(ish)

My housemates and I decided that we would spend our Saturday on a hike to Bristol along the canal path.  There are beautiful views along the water, and several smaller towns where we could stop along the way.  The first section of our hike began along paved sections near Bath where bikers often casually glided past us.  Our first major adventure came along the canal, where we saw a swan charge a group of kayakers (who did survive the encounter unscathed).  My housemate Bea captured the powerful moment on camera.

We saw many gorgeous views of the English countryside.  Everything is so lush and green, and looks beautifully picturesque in the sunlight.

Bea and I even fashioned makeshift walking sticks to further our travels!  Though this was not quite as fashionable when we wandered into some more suburban areas.

Our journey took a turn for the worse when we entered farmland.  In one section, the path had essentially dissolved, but there was no way around it due to high bushes on either side.  We were forced to traverse the mud.

Since our shoes were rather worse for wear, Bea attempted to wash hers off while on a nearby floating dock.  I was very concerned that she might unknowingly float away on the contraption.

Alas, we did not make it Bristol proper.  We aborted our mission at Keynsham when we discovered signage that suggested that Bristol was still 8 miles away.  So instead we stopped for food at a pub before making our way to a station to grab a train back to Bath.  We calculated that we had walked about 10 miles, but Google Maps suggested that Keynsham was only 6 miles from Bath.  How did this happen?  We now believe that our overconfident estimates were probably due to Google assuming that we would naturally take the shortest routes along highways, rather than the more scenic and practical hiking paths.  On the bright side, we technically made it to Bristol, as Keynsham lies in the county of Bristol!  Our shoes were a little worse for wear, but it was nothing a good wash didn’t fix.

The day was a great success.  We saw some absolutely breathtaking views along our journey, plus we had a great opportunity for some quality housemate bonding, and tales that will last a lifetime.

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