Jane Austen Dancing: Take Two

Another week of Georgian style dancing showed how much we had improved even after only a single lesson.  I’m picking up on the terminology and step patterns for many of the dances, which makes learning new ones much easier.

There were several dances that I particularly enjoyed.  One was a sort of sailor jig where everyone was in a giant circle and the ladies got to weave past their various partners.  In another you worked your way around in a square for a section of the dance, rhythmically stomping your feet along the way (so much fun!).  Finally, I was very excited that I recognized the last dance that we did from the week before.  One of my more experienced dance partners complimented my ability to remember the sequences of moves.  I also learned my lesson from last week, and stretched out my calves after the class (to the great amusement of my housemate Bea), which I believe was the determining factor in preventing me from being sore the next day.

We’ve improved so much already, and I’m excited to continue to improve in the coming weeks!


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