Improv Night

I haven’t participated in much acting, and certainly not much since college.  So it was definitely a new and exciting experience to attend an improv night in Bath, where participants reacted to various scenarios on the spot.  The session began with some fun group warm-ups, walking around in different moods or trying to one up one another with increasingly tall tales.  But the real fun began with small group skits, the first of which Maddie and Bea participated in.  They were part of a group of three people who had to speak as one “expert”, each saying one word at a time to create speeches during a debate with another collective “expert”.  The woman running the group asked for ideas regarding what each group should be an expert on.

“Husbandry,” I declared.

Everyone looked at me.  There was a bit of a discussion about what husbandry actually was (multiple people thought it was connected to husbands), but eventually the two groups were assigned their expertise, vegetarian husbandry experts and meat loving husbandry experts.  The results were hysterical.  One side was using the cuddlebility of animals as a defense, while the other was claiming their tastiness trumped all.  The next version of the skit (with new actors) involved a debate over aliens (the extraterrestrial kind), who ended up advocating for a nudist lifestyle in the course of the discussion.

Bea roped me into participating in the next skit, where I was part of a final showdown of an Olympic sport for spring cleaning.  Two announcers helped guide our actions, and thus I somehow was a contestant with ten years of professional cleaning experience, from Australia no less.  I started off with some light marching and yoga to warmup (which greatly amused Maddie) before the actual showdown.  Spring cleaning is surprisingly competitive.  Bea kept fouling me, whereas I only wacked her with my imaginary broom once.  At one point I apparently utilized a roomba run by nanotechnology, and I ended my skit by sawing a hole that poor Bea fell into.

Maddie was part of the next Olympic sport: birthing lambs.  After more hilarious warm-ups, the contest began.  I’m afraid to say that Maddie’s opponent creamed her, having birthed a Christ lamb, whereas poor Maddie lost many of her lambs in the birthing process…

Bea than took part in a skit where she was on a blind dinner date with a person who had three different personalities that would alternate places.  One was afraid of forks, one would sporadically imitate a chicken, and the other was an aspiring axe murderer.  One of my favorite parts was watching Bea chase Emily (the forkphobic personality) around with the offending utensil in a bid to get her to overcome her fear.  This was topped only by Emily wittily maintaining that while she could not eat with forks, she would be more than willing to spoon after the date.

The night was a hysterical exploration of spontaneous wit and creativity, and was a great way to stretch my comfort zone.

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