Blenheim Palace

Last week we were able to visit the gorgeous estate of the Churchill family.  The grounds were beautiful, including two different bodies of water with rowboats peacefully meandering along.  We made our way to the Column of Victory, which was curiously surrounded by sheep who didn’t seem to appreciate our presence very much.

As we continued our tour we found a great hollowed out tree that was perfect for taking pictures.  Bea took and edited a picture that my mother absolutely loved (you can actually see my eyes).

We next visited the butterfly garden.  It was designed to mimic a tropical climate, so it was a bit of a shock to go from chilly English air to a very warm and humid environment.  My glasses immediately steamed up.  But once the fog cleared, the sights were beautiful.  All sorts of colorful butterflies and moths of various shapes and sizes and patterns were present.  They seemed to particularly like my housemate Bea, absolutely loving the color of her scarf.  But one moth with a giant eye spot particularly liked Bea’s leggings, deciding that this was the perfect place to perch and take a nap.  Poor Bea was walking around the garden with a moth glued to the back of her thigh, which simply refused to leave until a nice English lady prodded it.  Realizing it had overstayed its welcome, it fluttered off.

Finally, we made it to the palace itself.  With our limited time we focused on visiting the Churchill exhibit.  Incidentally, at one point he apparently wore something that resembled a onesie, which was preserved and put on display.  We then quickly dashed back to our bus, and continued on our way.

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