Bath Storytelling Circle: Take Two

It was lovely to revisit the Bath Storytelling Circle and the oral tradition.  Once again we heard great tales, ranging from folk tales to simple humorous pieces.  It was so nice to just get away from everything, and focus on the most basic form of human connection: stories.  It’s enthralling to just hear a tall tale and be entertained.

I also greatly enjoyed the musical pieces.  With it being so close to St. Patrick’s day, we heard many Irish songs, accompanied by guitar and a drum.  These ballads contained stories themselves, and it was wonderful to simply listen to the rhythm and the meaning.  There was also this great sense of community as others joined in.  Whether because of the ease of repetition or because the song was a familiar one, it prompted this sense of belonging and a certain simplicity.  After a long day, you could listen and connect.  It was a slower paced and refreshing moment.

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