Jane Austen Dancing: Take Three

After a week’s break from our new routine of historical dancing, it was nice to get back in the swing of things (somewhat literally).  Before the session, Pippa graciously cooked pasta and meatballs, providing some much needed (and delicious) dinner before the workout that is Jane Austen dancing.

Once we arrived, I began my calf stretches and warm-ups.  Improvement was clear during the dances.  Knowing the terminology makes it much easier to follow the directions of the caller.  It somewhat reminded me of learning yoga (everything’s easier when you know what the names of moves are).  It was a slightly smaller group, but we were able to do many of our favorite dances.  We performed the sea shanty again.  While I still struggle with performing a successful solo, it’s quite amusing to see the male dance, and it’s very fun to weave around, especially with a smaller circle of people and thus more room.  Bea specially requested the stomping dance during one of the breaks.  So for the last dance of the night, the organizers obliged their “American friends” with the request.  With less people, the stomping was not as pronounced, but boy our group tried to make up for it.

We had been sad to hear that tonight would be our last opportunity to dance this semester.  It was thus fitting that I danced for what could have been my last time with the veteran participant who first danced with me during my very first session.

Luckily I don’t think this is the last session.  It looks like they’re pausing for Easter break, but should resume again in April.  Thus (fingers crossed!) we should be able to continue Jane Austen dancing!


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