Bath Comic-Con

I’ve always wanted to attend a comic-con.  The idea of a gathering of all sorts of fandoms and nerdiness sounds absolutely incredible.  So I was very excited to hear that I would have the opportunity to attend one in Bath.

While there were no panels, there were booths with various actors ranging from Dr. Who to Game of Thrones, ready to sign autographs and take pictures (all for a price of course).  Other booths sold all sorts of merchandise, from fake weaponry to figurines to comics to t-shirts.  Other features included great displays, including the the robot from Lost in Space, the Tardis, and various Daleks.

The costumes were amazing.  Various Star Wars characters roamed around next to Two-Face, Harely Quinn, Iron Man, and Bumblebee.  The time and effort that had gone into crafting these characters was very apparent.

It was amazing to have all of these fandoms represented in one place, with awesome soundtracks and theme songs blasting overhead.  It was this wonderful atmosphere that was the greatest aspect of the event.

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