Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Bea and I had coordinated a trip to do the Harry Potter studio tour in London.  The logistics were an interesting feat.  Only select dates were free in the coming months, one of which was the Friday following Oxford week.  We ultimately determined that it would be easiest to leave directly from Oxford to London (as opposed to Bath).  After finagling tickets (the studio is outside London, and thus required a lot of transport hopping) and rectifying wrong purchases, we eventually secured our Harry Potter experience for Friday.

It was worth all the logistical hassle.  The immediate reaction stepping off the shuttle was amazement and wonder.  We were actually here and we were actually doing this.

After grabbing some food and attempting to charge our phones, we began the tour.  It started by taking a large group of us to a theater, where we watched a video discussing the legacy of Harry Potter, featuring the original actors.  This video concluded by the screen dramatically lifting up to reveal the door to Hogwarts, which then opened to reveal the Great Hall.  Costumes from the original actors were proudly displayed throughout the room.

From here we began a self guided tour where you could wander around all sorts of displays, the atmosphere of wonder complimented by music from the Harry Potter movies.  Some of these amazing displays included props from the production.

Other displays included pieces of actual sets.

And boy were there a lot of props and sets.

There were also various interactive activities.  Bea and I took a great picture that provides a fun example of the power of forced perspectives.

We saw all sorts of famous sets, including the cupboard under the stairs.

Various scene recreations were also displayed, including this amazing piece mimicking the coming of Harry’s letters.

All of the intricate details reiterated just how much time and effort and dedication went into these movies.

We were able to see various designs, demonstrating the process of bringing the magical wizarding world from concept to reality.

The end of the tour included an amazing model of Hogwarts followed by a room filled with wand boxes labeled with the names of those who worked on the films.  Here you could spot many of your favorite actors.

This was a wonderful opportunity to take a brief respite from ASE and take some much needed time to ourselves in the magical world of Harry Potter.

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