Things You See at the Canon

You never know what you’ll see in an English pub.  Sometimes it’ll be Scottish dancing.  Other times it will be a herd of geeks and nerds undergoing some form of initiation.  This past week was the latter.

Some friends and I had quietly gone to the Canon, after the last class of the group had finished.  We had just found ourselves a nice table when suddenly we noticed all the seating around us being filled by strangely dressed people.  Bright colors.  Hats.  Even some forms of homemade costuming.  The room was absolutely packed.  What was going on?

It soon became apparent that this was some form of Pokemon club.  Freshmen were dressed as Pokemon while upperclassmen were trainers.  The Pokemon were assigned to trainers by random draw and then proceeded to “fight” other Pokemon in duels.  Don’t worry, the fights that we saw consisted of arm wrestling and dice rolling.

It was certainly not something we expected to encounter on our Thursday evening.  But you never know what you’ll see in England.


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