Bath Storytelling: Take Three

It was lovely to return to the Raven to hear more British stories.  This session was led by the original founder of the group, who told Maddie that she looked like a singer in an effort to get her to perform (alas, this did not work).  One of the night’s stories included special appearances by teddy bears.  Another was a piece of poetry recitation.  One man puzzled us with riddles where we could only glean information by asking yes or no questions.  Another was a 500 year old story that was apparently an inspiration for The Taming of the Shrew, told by a man who is always excellent at accents.  The session concluded with a more close-knit and conversational tone as people took turns sharing stories and opinions

Unfortunately this is the last piece of Bath Storytelling I’ll be able to attend this semester.  I’ve greatly enjoyed being reintroduced to the art of storytelling, to hear the funny anecdotes, insights, and tall tales.  It’s been a wonderful experience.

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