Laurel’s Art Showcase

The end of our time in England is approaching, and thus we’ve moved into the stage where we begin celebrating the culmination of our studies (in addition to final papers, dissertations, and exams…).  This past Thursday was an excellent example of this.  Laurel has been doing a tutorial over the course of the semester on printmaking, and was showcasing some of her work at a local art gallery.  Sarah was interning there and did a great job helping with setup and refreshments, accompanied by two excellent servers in the form of Andrew and Jonathan.

It was fun to see another student’s work on display, and especially to see the influence of her family and personal experience on her art.  We were also able to peruse other exhibits, which used all sorts of different mediums, including wood and sculpture.  It was a great way to experience art and highlight the accomplishments of a semester.

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