Jane Austen Dancing: Take Six

Wednesday nights have been marked by Jane Austen dancing, and this Wednesday was no different.  There were several new people at the event, and as such it seems like we chose some easier songs.  But this meant that I could attempt to make some quality improvements.  I still struggle with footwork.  One of the typical callers was my partner for one dance, and she helped guide me through setting (a little side to side step).  I turns out I had been assuming it was based on a one-two beat when it was really one-two-three.  Small things like that make a real difference in dance accuracy and quality.

At one point when my partner and I stepped out for a section, I grabbed my phone to take some pictures.  Martin graciously took over for and took some great video where you can see me attempting Jane Austen dancing.  I’ve been wanting to get some proper evidence of my work for a while now, and now I have it!


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