Jane Austen Dancing: Take Four

After two weeks off for Easter, it was nice to get back into Jane Austen dancing.  It’s always something to look forward to after a long day’s work.  I really feel like we’re getting the rhythm of it.  There are all sorts of patterns created by the movements, and you can start putting the pieces together.  One couple switching places usually means the other pair will follow suit by the end of the section.  The beats and counts are what allow you to keep in time, and focusing on the music is very helpful in this regard.  I still struggle with the faster steps.  There’s a sort of one two pattern of skipping that I haven’t quite mastered (hence why I tend to look like I’m galloping).

This week we had a fair amount of ASE students, so the callers seemed to use easier songs with slower movements.  Alas, no sea shanties or stomping this week.  But I’m hoping in the coming weeks as we improve we’ll be able to master the more difficult and faster paced numbers.  We’ve already started to recognize songs from previous weeks, and we’ve nearly memorized The Duke of Kent’s Waltz!

Jane Austen dancing is definitely a highlight of each week, and I’m so glad we’re getting a chance to experience it.

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