Hidden Sights of Bath

We had a grand opportunity to go with Andrew the internship coordinator, who led us on a tour of the hidden parts of Bath.  We saw all sorts of pieces of Bath’s history, including the city’s old medieval wall.  We got some great quotes, such as, “Oh, we’re being invaded!”  We also heard terrible yet wonderful jokes about how the Smithonian was literally conceived in Bath.  At one point I was literally serenaded about the grand old Duke of York by Andrew and Bea.

But the highlight of the trip for me was when Andrew showed us a water sculpture and asked where we might have seen another sculpture by the same artist?  The sculpture was labeled 2009, so it was a recent artist, who seemed to like incorporating water into his work.  That immediately reminded me of the holy water structure at Salisbury Cathedral, which I voiced aloud.  Andrew tossed his gloves to me in delight, and announced that he’d by me a drink at the Star Tavern at the end of the tour.  And he did!  I was able to try a great new cider.

The tour was a wonderful and fun look at some of the quirkier and less well known facts of Bath.  Andrew’s enthusiasm was contagious, and I don’t think there was anyone who wasn’t smiling during his tour.

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