Boardgaming in Bath

I’m a huge boardgaming nerd.  I always try to attend an annual boardgaming conference over the summer, where you can literally eat, sleep, and play boardgames for a week.  So I was incredibly excited to learn that Bath itself featured a local society where I could pursue this hobby.  Tuesday evening, myself, Bea, Jennifer, and Maddie ventured off to join the event.  I was rather worried about being punctual, so I had a tendency to dart ahead while my friends attempted to keep up.  Eventually we reached the location, which featured dozens of gamers and a vast collection of games.

We were able to secure a table and a copy of Settlers of Catan.  Jennifer had never played before, so I was very excited to introduce her to what is arguably the quintessential euro-style boardgame.  The gaming was intense and featured a very tight race for the finish.  Bea and myself got into a war for the longest road, allowing Maddie to secure the hard points she needed to snatch victory.  Jennifer reached a solid six points, which was incredibly impressive as a first game experience.  After that, Jennifer guided us through some rounds of one night werewolf (where it ironically took ages for one of us to become a werewolf).  We also met who I presumed to be the leader of the group, who was quite welcoming to us newcomers.  It was an incredibly fun experience, and one that I hope we continue to attend in the future.

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